Career Tech Matters by Dennis Franks // Oct. 12, 2018

Superintendent Dennis Franks

     Kristy Landman supports Pickaway-Ross and Ross County’s MADE drug-free club efforts wholeheartedly.

     The school’s security guard since 2015, Kristy has been a steadfast believer in the need to end drug abuse and change the culture in Ross County. 

     Kristy knows all too well the pain of dealing with drug abuse. Her son, Joe, died of an overdose in 2017 and she hopes that everything she does with MADE will prevent another parent from losing a child. 

     On Oct. 26, students from Pickaway-Ross’ MADE chapter — which has more than 500 of our student body — will join with other chapters from Ross County schools for a rally in downtown Chillicothe.

     As students have done each year since 2016, more than 2,000 students from drug-free clubs in Pickaway and Ross County schools will march from Yoctangee Park through town, ending in front of the Ross County Courthouse to listen to a student-led program reinforcing reasons to be drug-free.

     Showing another way she gives back, Kristy has purchased more than 500 pinwheels. MADE members will sign them with their name and a message if they wish. They then will be placed in the front of the school along Crouse Chapel Road the week of Oct. 22.

     “I think it will look beautiful for drivers to see hundreds of pinwheels blowing,” Kristy said. 

     She also would like to have a sign made by students that tells drivers the significance of the pinwheels.

     “Each pinwheel represents a life saved by the student’s choice to live drug-free,” Kristy said. “That’s an important message to get out to the community.”

     Because Kristy ordered the pinwheels in bulk, she has about 50 extra that she would like to sell to raise money for Pickaway-Ross’ MADE chapter.

     “I thought staff members could buy a pinwheel in honor of a person or in support of our MADE chapter,” Kristy said. Any money raised will go to the MADE chapter. Staff members can see Kristy about buying a pinwheel. Each will cost $5. 

     Kim Graves, MADE liaison, said Kristy’s initiative and support is invaluable to the school and the drug-free club.

     “When she came to me with this idea — she already had bought the pinwheels and was ready to go — I was happily stunned,” he said. 

     “I can’t wait to see all of those pinwheels in place in a few weeks. It will be a great sight.”

     After the MADE rally, Kristy plans to use the pinwheels during the Buck Fifty race in April at the PRCTC checkpoint at Great Seal Park.

     “Then students can keep them as a reminder or keepsake,” Kristy said.

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