Career Tech Matters by Dennis Franks
April 21, 2017

The student literally became the teacher for Leah Dyke, who is teaching Adult Education Phlebotomy and EKG courses.

Leah was a Medical Assisting student and when she graduated in 2014, she was encouraged to apply for a teaching position.

She started her teaching career as the Medical Assisting and Medical Billing instructor but is now the lead instructor and practicum coordinator for the Phlebotomy and EKG programs. In addition, she teaches classes in the Adult Diploma Program and the Senior Credential program.

Leah came to the teaching profession in a roundabout way, earning a bachelor’s degree in theater management and set design with a minor in art/painting.

Before joining Pickaway-Ross Leah worked at Ohio University, has been a substitute teacher, an administrative assistant and worked in retail for a decade.

But now that she’s at Pickaway-Ross, she couldn’t be happier.

“I love teaching. I’ve always wanted to teach adults and I knew that’s where I wanted to be someday. I honestly thought it would be for something more in the artistic field and never dreamed it would be medical. With what I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had, I’m not disappointed at all.”

In fact, she is extremely proud of her work with her students in the Adult Diploma Program.

“That class truly changed my life. I have never met a group of more determined (students) who wanted nothing more than prove to themselves and to the world that they could be successful and that they were worth it. They spent years downing themselves, saying ‘I hate school’ or ‘I’m not smart enough to learn.’ Several weeks later seven of the eight graduated and have become highly successful. A few of them even chose to go on to higher education. I couldn’t have been more proud.”

While teaching keeps her busy, she hasn’t abandoned her artistic side: In her spare time she is a costume designer and her work has been featured in magazines, newspapers and online.

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