Career Tech Matters by Dennis Franks
May 19, 2017

For his entire career, David Rose has liked helping people.

He got his start in 1973 as a business teacher at Dalton Local Schools in Dalton, Ohio, and taught there for 10 years before working for six years as a commodities trader at the Chicago Mercantile.

A change in the trading business brought him back to southern Ohio where he has continued to teach to students of all ages.

In 1996, as a Business & Industry coordinator in Adult Education, I hired David s a computer instructor.

That led to a 20-year career at Pickaway-Ross that will culminate this month.

In those two decades, David said he continued to be impressed with the speed at which technology has advanced.

He is a self-taught learner, able to read a computer book or watch a video and pick up the new skill. But for students who need a teacher, David’s skill is in making technology clear to others.

“An instructor can explain things in simple English,” David said.

“I like helping people acquire more skills. And I like seeing the satisfaction on people’s faces when they know they’ve acquired something that makes their work easier.”

As a longtime member of the Business& Industry team, he has provided computer training for many area companies over the year, so much so that the former trader is a known commodity himself.

“David has been a great resource for area businesses for computer instruction over the years,” said Tonya Bess, Leadership & Technology coordinator.

“Many times they will ask for him by name when they are calling about a class. He’s always able to show you three ways to do anything you ask about. He’ll be missed as the valuable instructor that he is.”

While David is proud that customers like what he provides as an instructor, he said it also speaks highly of the Business & Industry group.

“We are able to provide quality training at low prices. Other companies or schools haven’t been able to match what we offer.”

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