Career Tech Matters by Dennis Franks
Feb. 17, 2017

New to our offerings this year was the Health Administration program and Reanna Weaver couldn’t be happier that we added it.

A senior, Reanna was in the Early Childhood Education program her junior year but didn’t think it was the right fit.

Switching to Health Administration for her senior year, she knows now that she’s on the right path.

“I knew I wanted to be in health care but not a doctor. And not dealing with blood and guts,” she said.

The new Health Administration program, taught by Amy Peters, provides students with the foundation to pursue careers in the front office, such as a physician coder, medical biller or health information clerk. There is a lot to learn, Reanna said, but she loves it.

“I learned 350 medical terms I never thought I’d remember.”

Not only did she remember them, she took first place in the local SkillsUSA Medical Terminology competition, missing only four terms on a written test.

She will advance to the regional competition March 4 at South-Western Career Academy in Grove City.

Reanna has been making the most of her senior year. After completing all of the academic courses in the first semester that she needed to graduate from Circleville High School, she enrolled in a senior credential program offered through Adult Education second semester.

After finishing Amy’s class each day at 9:30, Reanna works in Nurse Mindy’s office or helps in the Counselor’s office until she needs to leave for the Phlebotomy class offered at our Circleville Campus on Mound Street.

“I thought being cross-trained would make it easier for me to find a job,” Reanna said of taking the phlebotomy class.

Working for Nurse Mindy by helping to file forms and working with students also has been a help.

“It’s given me an idea of what I’ll be doing when I get in my career.”

She definitely knows what she wants: She’s already planning that after completing high school she wants to get a receptionist job at a medical facility before returning to Pickaway-Ross in the fall to get her Medical Billing certification through Adult Education.

“Pickaway-Ross can change your life,” she said of her experiences here. “It gives you a skill you might not get in high school.”

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