Career Tech Matters by Dennis Franks
May 26, 2017

Career Tech Matters by Dennis Franks

For the second year in a row, Pickaway-Ross’ Student of the Year comes from Brent Ebert’s Machining & Manufacturing program.

This honor, bestowed upon one senior who is an excellent representative of our school, is also an honor for Brent.

“I’ve just been lucky enough to have two great kids,” Brent said of this year’s winner, John Thomas, and last year’s recipient, Austin Parker.

John, whose home school is Zane Trace, was lauded by Brent and Katt Marriott for what he has accomplished in his time at Pickaway-Ross.

“John worked with mentors in the Game Plan program and began to thrive. He recovered his missed credits (9) in his junior year along with completing all of his junior courses,” they wrote in his nomination.

In addition, he represented Pickaway-Ross at the SkillsUSA state contest and earned third place. He had 96 percent attendance, served as a student ambassador and was in MADE, the drug-free club.

Brent said he is a very bright student and has remarkable skills, something he hadn’t heard until he came to Pickaway-Ross.

Once he started in Brent’s program, John started “connecting skills and knowledge and has learned a skilled trade that he enjoys,” Brent and Katt wrote.

Tonya Brown, who worked with John in Game Plan, knew Pickaway-Ross was the perfect fit for John.

“His time at Pickaway-Ross has really boosted his self-confidence and given him purpose. His Machining class and the relationship he has developed with his instructor has been profound,” she wrote in her nomination.

John’s performance at school is even more impressive when one learns that he did all of that while working a second-shift full-time job his junior year. Then, when eligible for early placement in January, he was placed in a full-time position at Southeast Machining & Field Service in Lancaster.

“He worked his butt off to get where he is,” Brent said.

John is a fine example of the students we have the privilege of working with every year. As the year comes to a close next week, take with you on your summer break a sense of pride in what you’ve accomplished with all of your students this year.

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