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Placement Eligibility Overview

Advanced Job Placement is a cooperative work experience training program that enables senior students to begin actual paid employment prior to the formal end of the school year.

Students may be placed in advanced placement assignments that are directly related to their program field during the last semester of their senior year.  During the third nine weeks, only students with above average skills performance, academic grades, and attendance will be considered.  During the fourth nine weeks, students with satisfactory skills performance, academic grades, and attendance will qualify for placement.

Advanced placement is a privilege and can be withdrawn at any time for unsatisfactory performance.  Each advanced placement application will be individually evaluated in accordance with the criteria and procedures outlined in Table I.  Responsibilities of the employer, student, program instructor and the Coordinator of Placement Services are outlined in Table II.

FAQ's for Job Placement

When can I begin working?  There a variety of factors that influence when you can begin working through the job placement program.  Applications for placement are reviewed and approved based on academic performance and credit requirements, skill level in your area of training, attendance, attitude, conduct, following direction and safety procedures, and passage of the Ohio Graduation Test (or in remediation).

Advanced Placement officially begins with the beginning of second semester.  Instructions, requirements, and obligations for job placement can be found in Table I.

What time can I leave school to go to my job?  Times vary for when a student can be dismissed.  Some of the same factors that influence job placement approval also determine what time a student may leave. Generally, during the second semester students may leave when their last academic class has ended, provided all other requirements have been met.

Where can I work?  All students working through the job placement program must be working in an area related to their vocational training.  In addition, employers must have Worker's Compensation Insurance, abide by Federal and State Labor laws, and be willing to work closely with you Program Instructor.

How do I get to work?  Transportation is the sole responsibility of the student; transportation must be reliable.

What happens if I lose my job?  Obviously, students who lose their job for any reason also lose their job placement and early dismissal privileges and they must inform their Program Instructor immediately.

Will my Program Instructor or the Job Placement Office 'get me a job'?  Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility for obtaining employment.  The Job Placement Office and your instructor will provide you with information that will assist you in finding employment but you must take the necessary steps.  In addition to job leads and openings, a Career Development section has been created to assist you in acquiring the job search skills critical for finding employment.  Individual assistance can also be provided through the Job Placement Office.  Feel free to stop by anytime with employment questions or advice.

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