1.  Who can enroll in Adult Ed Classes?

PRCTC Adult Education students must be 18 years or older, possess a high school diploma, or GED.

2.  How do I register for adult classes?

Call (740) 642-1288 for more information and to be directed to the correct admissions staff for your career training.

3.  What is the refund policy?

Tuition:  Reimbursement of tuition is pro-rated based on amount of tuition paid over and above any non-refundable deposit and the percentage of the total program hours completed. Note: There is no refund of tuition for students who have completed more than 60% of the total program hours.
Books:  No refunds on books utilized during the term.
Fees:  Tools and uniform refunds will be considered on an individual basis.
Student Services:  After first date of class, student services refunds prorated by term.
Supplies, Assessments, Transitions, Placement Assistance:  No Refunds.

4.  How can I receive a copy of your mailer?

Call 740.642.1288 or 740.474.3331 ext. 31288 and a catalog can be mailed to you!

Click here to download the mailer!

5.  How can I receive a copy of my transcript?

Call 740.642.1288 or 740.474.3331 ext. 31288 to request your transcript.

6.  What are the deadlines for registering for classes?

Students are encouraged to register for a class as soon as possible after enrollment is open.  Registration may be allowed up to two weeks after the class start date pending readiness of the student and instructor approval.

7.  Which programs qualify for financial aid?

Most full time programs qualify for financial aid. Programs over 600 hours are usually considered full-time. 

8.  Can I obtain financial aid to attend PRCTC?

Yes.  Financial Aid is available through a variety of sources for qualified individuals enrolling in full-time programs.

For additional information, click here to visit our financial aid page. 

To receive a certificate, full time students must attend 90% of a  course's scheduled classes and have satisfactorily completed the required work for the class.
9.  Directions to PRCTC

10.  Does PRCTC provide career assessments and counseling?

Yes.  Contact the Occupational Counseling and Information Center for individualized career guidance to help you develop your career plan.  For more information call 740.642.1224 or 740.474.3331 ext. 31224

11.  What are PRCTC's hours of operation?

Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  As scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.

12.  What colleges/universities does PRCTC have established partnerships/articulation agreements with?

FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY ::  Click here for more information:
PRCTC Healthcare Technologies is working in partnership with the UNIVERSITY OF RIO GRANDE, OHIO UNIVERSITY-CHILLICOTHE and HOCKING COLLEGE to provide students with seamless educational opportunities.
SHAWNEE STATE :: PRCTC has an articulation agreement for the Paramedic as well as the Manufacturing Skill Standard Council Training.
Southern State Community College   CDL Training


***Cost for all classes and services is subject to change without notice and Pickaway-Ross CTC retains the right to make course and schedule changes.  Without sufficient enrollment, classes may be cancelled.  GED recipients receive a 10% discount on all Part-Time Career Development classes.  PRCTC High School graduates receive $250 discount coupons on all full-time classes.  Senior Citizens and Veterans receive a 10% discount on all Part-Time Career Enhancement and Personal Enrichment classes.  Programs and services are available without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.***
 Pickaway-Ross CTC is an educational provider
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