Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

   In 2019, Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center will continue to offer its innovative leadership program. Focused on preparing today's business and industry leaders for the unique challenges of tomorrow's global economy, the Leadership Academy can benefit you no matter what your position. This program is for you whether you are already in a leadership role or are working your way up the corporate ladder. 

This year's Summer Series Leadership Academy topics are:

Teambuilding - June 26
      Organizations cannot operate without teamwork.  What does it take to create an effective team or maintain an existing one? This course highlights a process for building and maintaining effective teams as you resolve conflict, build commitment and obtain consensus among members.

Encouraging Employee Engagement - July 24
      Employees have specific knowledge, experience and perspective about their jobs. Lean how to tap into that knowledge by encouraging them to develop ideas and share suggestions for improvement.  Learn strategies to solicit input as your respond positively and provide appropriate, constructive feedback and recognition.

Dealing With Difficult People - August 21
       Difficult people are everywhere and their negative can impact those around them, leading to poor morale, absenteeism and lower productivity.  This course is designed for those who wish to better cope with them to make their own environment more satisfying and productive.

For more information or to enroll, please call (740) 642-1365.

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