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Blizzard Bags 2014-2015

In preparation for calamity days this school year, Pickaway-Ross will be using Blizzard Bag assignments. In the event of a calamity day, students will be directed to access their Blizzard Bag assignments from Progress Book. Blizzard Bags can be found under the homework section in each of their assigned classes.

Students who have Internet access will be able to access the coursework online. Lessons are to be completed and returned to the classroom teacher upon the student’s return to school. If, however, Internet access is needed to complete the online lesson, students who do not have Internet and a working computer will have two weeks to complete the work. Due dates will be posted at the time a calamity day is called.

All students are required to complete the assigned blizzard bag assignments. Failure to complete the assignments will result in a zero (0) for each assignment not completed and they will also be counted absent for that assignment date.

Letters were sent home earlier this year with log-in information to Progress Book. If you need this information again, please have your student come into the attendance office.

If you have any questions about the blizzard bag assignments, please contact your student’s teacher.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I know if this is a Blizzard Bag Day?

Answer: The superintendent will announce the Blizzard Bag Day during the call system announcing a calamity day.

Is every day that school is called off a Blizzard Bag Day?

Answer: No. We will only use three days as Blizzard Bag Days.

Will all assigned lessons require Internet and computer access?

Answer: Some lesson will be completed as paper/pencil assignments. Follow the posted instructions.

Is completion of the assignments mandatory?

Answer: Yes. Students are counted absent if work is not completed and will receive a zero for the assignment.

When is the assignment due?

Answer: The assignment is due the following school day.

What if my child is ill on a Blizzard Bag Day?

Answer: They must bring a parent excused note the next day and complete the assignments as dictated by guidelines for absences.

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Alumni Wall of Fame

Pickaway-Ross is creating a Wall of Fame to recognize outstanding secondary and Adult Education alumni.
Nominate an alum for this honor.
A nomination form can be downloaded here.
Any questions can be directed to Erika Konowalow, communication and marketing coordinator, at or (740) 642-1301.



The 2014-15 school year will mark Pickaway-Ross' 40th anniversary.

Purchase this special anniversary throw that celebrates the connection between PRCTC and its home schools.

The cost is $55 and proceeds will go toward establishing a scholarship.

Download an order form below:


Watch this video from our 2014 Mock Crash, featuring Criminal Justice students and Ross County first responders: 

Underage drinking

Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center encourages you to be informed parents/guardians of your high school students about the dangers of underage drinking.
Not only is alcohol the No. 1 drug problem among youth, but you also need to be aware of the consequences that go along with it.
Please review this document regarding the law along with additional information relating to underage drinking.

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