Superintendent Search

Superintendent Search

About the District

The Pickaway-Ross Joint Vocational School District is in its 44th year of operation and has experienced tremendous growth and success during this time.
High school students from ten school districts in Pickaway and Ross counties are served.  They include: Adena Local, Chillicothe City, Circleville City, Huntington Local, Logan Elm Local, Paint Valley Local, Southeastern Local, Union-Scioto Local, Westfall Local and Zane Trace Local.  Our three campus locations served 658 main campus and 419 FTE satellite and magnet students with career-technical training in the 2019-2020 school year.  The Pickaway-Ross Ohio Technical Center serves more than 500 students and delivers over 16,600 hours of business services during a typical year.
 The numerous leadership accomplishments of the Pickaway-Ross CTC students and staff make it one of Ohio’s most successful Career Centers. The statewide leadership accomplishments, the 91.7% placement record, the technology advancements, the establishment of satellite programs in all participating schools, two additional campus locations, the broad curriculum offered and the robust Ohio Technical Center programming make this an ideal location for a quality individual to become Superintendent.

The Superintendent Search

The Pickaway-Ross Joint Vocational School District Board of Education is seeking a highly qualified, innovative educational leader as its next Superintendent. The Board seeks an effective administrator in education and administration leadership to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Superintendent Dennis Franks.  It is expected the new Superintendent will take office on or before August 1, 2021.

Application Deadline

3 p.m., Friday, November 6, 2020

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants must possess a valid Ohio Superintendent’s license. Successful experience as a School Superintendent, as well as related career-technical experience, is preferred. The Superintendent must maintain integrity and high standards of confidentiality and ethics in all matters.


The successful candidate will be a visionary with an ability to produce short- and long-range improvement plans while demonstrating the following specific experience and competencies:
  • Be an educational team leader who can develop, supervise and support teaching and administrative talent, inspire high performance standards with accountability, and find satisfaction in the success of others.
  • Have excellent communication skills, with the ability to work with the Board of Education, Treasurer, all staff members, home school superintendents, the business leadership community, as well as staff from ODE & ODHE.
  •  Be a student-centered decision maker with a comprehensive view of education, a working knowledge of curriculum and instruction, and a commitment to the development of all students.
  • Have working knowledge of career-tech and adult education and various grant funding sources.
  • Have the ability to inspire trust and has high levels of self-confidence and optimism; a person of integrity who has high standards of honesty, ethics and personal conduct.
  • Be an ambassador for Pickaway-Ross JVSD to students, parents and other community members.
  • Have knowledge of state and local funding, school law, current educational legal issues, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to CTE as well as all public schools.
  • Have a strong commitment to the integration of technology and learning.

Compensation and Terms of Employment

The Board intends to offer the successful candidate a multi-year contract, as per law. The base salary range is negotiable and commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Application Process

Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.  
Please submit:
  • A cover letter emphasizing qualifications and reasons for interest;
  • A Pickaway-Ross JVSD employment application;
  • An up-to-date resume;
  • Three (3) letters of reference from associates or board members who can speak to
     candidate’s qualifications and work experience;
  • A copy of current Ohio Superintendent’s License.
You may download the application HERE.

Application material should be mailed or emailed to:

Mr. Todd Stahr, Treasurer/CFO
Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center
895 Crouse Chapel Road
Chillicothe, Ohio  45601
Questions concerning the position?  
Please contact Todd Stahr, Treasurer, at (740) 642-1275.
The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), disability, age, religion, military status, ancestry, genetic information (collectively, “Protected Classes”), or any other legally protected characteristic, in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities.
2020 Board of Education
Byron Lloyd, President              Ross-Pike ESC
Jeff Hartmus, Vice Pres             Chillicothe City
Michelle Bowdle                         Ross-Pike ESC
Bob Bower                                  Pickaway ESC 
Richard Everman                        Pickaway ESC
Sue Hopkins                                Ross-Pike ESC
Tony Reeser                                Circleville City
Jon Saxton                                  Pickaway ESC
Joy Shoemaker                           Chillicothe City
Todd Stevens                              Circleville City
Andrew Vitatoe                            Chillicothe City

District Profile for 2019-2020
Campus & Satellite Totals
High School                                                    658
Satellite & Magnet Programs                         419
Total Secondary Student FTE                  1,077
Adult Education Students                          503
Business & Industry service hours           16,600
Number of Full-time Employees
Administrative                                                   8
Certificated                                                      99
Classified                                                         29
Total Full-time Staff                                     136
Number of Part-time Employees
Secondary & Adult Education                       135

  Financial Data
    Operating Millage
    Gross                                                  4.20
    Effective Residential                           2.24
    Effective Commercial                         3.15
    Total Valuation                 $2,481,000,000
    Appropriations – FY20
    General Fund                       $17,300,000
    Total – All Funds                  $26,093,000
    General Fund Revenue
    Local Taxes                                        33%
    State Funds                                       63%
    Other                                                   4%

Tentative Timeline

Announce Vacancy                               09/21/2020
Application Materials Due                     11/06/2020
Interviews                      begin week of 11/30/2020
Action to Employ               Jan 2021 BOE Meeting
Est. Begin Employment                        08/01/2021
These dates are approximate times. Applicants are reminded that application materials are subject to public records law.

Application for Superintendent

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