Adult Education and Secondary staff members are working together to implement the Lean Six Sigma credentialing program through a collaboration with Maximum Potential. Maximum Potential, a Dayton-area company, has worked with schools and businesses to develop the program on a local level.         

The goals of the program are to increase problem solving, foster collaborative teamwork and improve critical thinking skills.     

An initial three-day training will occur during the summer. Twenty participants will have the opportunity to earn a Yellow Belt. Of those 20, five will be selected for a second three-day training to earn their Green Belts. During this process, staff members will collaborate on a project to improve processes in the district.By earning Green Belts, staff members will have the opportunity to issue Yellow and Green Belts to students and to contract with local businesses to offer the training under the umbrella of Maximum Potential.      

High school students will be able to earn these credentials to meet new graduation requirements. Adult education will work with local businesses to improve efficiency.