Since Pickaway-Ross joined central Ohio in closing school buildings in mid-March because of the Coronavirus, the public has gained a new respect for essential workers who continue to push forward despite the risks and challenges they now face going to work each day.  

COVID-19 Sign

There are some industries and workplaces that simply cannot shut down indefinitely, said Jason Vesey, director of Secondary Education. Pickaway-Ross, which provides career training to high school students and adult learners, falls within this essential category.

"Pickaway-Ross programs give birth to new essential workers every year. Students train to become health-care professionals, auto technicians, IT specialists, restaurant employees, farmers, day-care workers and work in other industries that are critically important to keeping America running," Jason said.

"Because we recognize our vital role at Pickaway-Ross, our staff members also have found ways to continue the work before us during this extraordinary summer." 

Staff members have added to their skills and aptitudes for learning and communicating remotely, Jason said. "From Zoom meetings and webinars to Google classroom and online trainings, staff members adapted and continue to grow to ensure that we are ready to make our return this fall a success."

In addition, this summer Custodial and Maintenance staff members have been installing plastic dividers in classrooms and adding hand sanitizer stations and signs that promote safe practices.

Although many things have changed, Jason said one thing remains the same for the new school year: "We are excited to see our students again. We know the road ahead will be challenging but we also know that it is essential."