A new online course system will help more students this year.

In the past, students used the system for credit reACE Digital Academycovery and to take courses that weren’t offered on campus, such as a foreign language. However, that system allowed only 25 students online at any one time.

“We could give unlimited credits but only 25 kids could physically be logged in at one time, Principal Josh Younge said.

“It was kind of like a parking lot with 25 spaces. Nobody else can park in that lot until somebody leaves.”

This year, students will use ACE Digital Academy, which allows access for an unlimited number of students. 

The change in platforms accommodates a slight increase from students who need to learn digitally part or all of the school day.

Four teachers serve as monitors, reviewing students’ progress, Younge said.

“Changing to ACE made sense practically and financially,” he said.