Drew BouillionAdult Education's tuition reduction will help Drew Bouillion with the cost of the Electrical program. 

      Post-secondary education can be expensive. Pickaway-Ross Adult Education offers financial help to students through a tuition deduction.

     The  $1,000 tuition deduction is available for students who completed a Pickaway-Ross program. Non-career center students at area high schools in the district are eligible for a $500 tuition deduction. The tuition deduction applies to full-time programs.

     “This is fantastic for any high school students continuing in Adult Education,” said Mandy Quinn, recruitment coordinator for Adult Education.

     “For example, it’s great for nurse aide students at the high school because the next step is to be an LPN. You can come straight here with this and it just makes the most sense for the student,” Mandy said.

     Drew Bouillion, completed the Engineering program in 2020 and will be starting Adult Education’s Electrical program in January. 

     Drew said receiving the tuition deduction will be a big help.

     “It's great because it allows me to save money. I am the youngest of four siblings/step-siblings in post-secondary education.”

     Enrolling in and completing the program is the next step for Drew to reach his goals.

     “I hope to use my skills as an electrician to help myself and my family, gain some experience working for someone else, and eventually own my own electrical contracting business,” he said.

     Since the program was started in 2015, students have saved about $63,000.