GRIT Students
     Pickaway-Ross’ GRIT program is going strong with more than three dozen kids selected as a GRIT student of the week. Some have been nominated — and selected — more than once.

     Staff members nominate students whom they see as exemplifying the tenets of the program: gratitude, respect, initiative and tenacity.

     Students get to select a GRIT-themed prize each time they win. Prize options are a hat, tumbler, lanyard, carabiner and charger.

     Weekly GRIT winners selected from Aug. 28 through Dec. 17 are (first row, from left): Aaliyah Alflen; Peyton Anderson; Esther Chappelear; Austin Detty; Kaitlyn Dickey; Ethan Elliot; Aiden Gray; and Kailey Groves; (second row, from left): Nate Hardin; Brianna Hill; Tyler Hines; Gabe Hudson; Alexx Jones; Jacob Kerscher; Trenton Kight; and Haylea Knisley; (third row, from left): Courtany Linton; Emily Lott; Hayli McClure; Isaac Mehrle; Angel Mendez-Aviles; Madison Pederson; Jackson Ratcliff; and Desiree Ratliff; (fourth row, from left): Cloe Redden; Dilon Riffle; Chase Rolfe; Zach Schoonover; Daniel Shaw; Trista Short; and Hannah Snyder; (fifth row, from left): Harlie Snyder; Draven Stein; Derek Wheeler; Sarah Wolfe; Gage Woods; and Noah Wright. Winners not pictured are Kacie Carr and Katelyn Newman.

Photos of the GRIT students of the week