Last summer, the Secondary Administrative team entered into a partnership with Learn21 to develop a district-wide database that will connect many of the data points that follow each student during his or her career-tech experience with Pickaway-Ross. 

     Learn21 presented a data suite, edWise, that automates many of the tedious data tasks by providing access to up-to-date district data at your fingertips. While still in the development stages, Pickaway-Ross is working with Great Oaks Career Center to develop a data-management system that will be tailored exclusively for career centers.  

     Career-technical schools often manage the data load of traditional comprehensive districts plus the addition of program analysis data, post-program placement data, work-based learning data and industry credential data. This data-management system will tie these data points together.   

     While edWise will provide data for administrators to review and use for decision-making, this system also will allow teachers to access student data. Teachers will be able to update credentials that students earn and keep track of elements such as WebXam and CTSO participation.  

     This system likely will create a more efficient flow of data by drawing from sources such as Progress Book, DASL and WebXam. But perhaps the greatest advantage will be for graduating students. The end goal of development will be to produce a transcript for each career-tech senior to receive at senior ceremony.  

     The transcript will document each student’s completion in career-tech courses, College Credit Plus credits earned, articulated credits, CTSO participation and work-based learning hours.  

     With this transcript, students will be provided with a resource that will benefit them as they apply for jobs, college or other post-secondary opportunities.