Pet lesson fun

     Pickaway-Ross’ littlest learners had quite a day last week when preschoolA preschooler examines Mason the cat.  teacher Miss Jess finished off a learning segment focused on pets with a visit from veterinarian Becky Atwood of Litchfield Veterinary Clinic.

     Becky told the kids about her job and brought her pup Bella with her, who was a great patient while Becky gave her a physical, checking her face, ears, teeth, mouth, feet and stomach.

     Then all the children listened to Bella’s heart.

     Preschool teacher Jess Williams said the goal was to teach them about the care and needs of living things in a meaningful way. 

     “We also want to foster a love for animals and young children. Other goals included understanding the differences in wild animals versus pets and understanding the unique characteristics of specific animals.”

     Besides dogs Bella and Gretta, visitors to the preschool included Mason the cat, Becky the python, Pablo the gecko and Ruby the tarantula.