Brooklynn Maddux

     A decision Brooklynn Maddux made as a sophomore put her on the path to a career in nursing.

     Brooklynn knew she was interested in the health-care field and during her visit to Pickaway-Ross several years ago, she was happy to learn about Allied Health, one of several magnet programs offered by the career center.

     Then a sophomore at Adena High School, Brooklynn wanted to continue her academics at her home school, which she could do as an Allied Health student at the Industrial Drive campus.

     While in the high school program she completed her clinicals: at Traditions her junior year and at Adena Regional Medical Center her senior year.

     “I think the Allied Health program is a really, really good way to get your foot in the door of the nursing field. There are so many nursing places out there,” Brooklynn said.

     “I got my STNA in high school and I got my phlebotomy license in high school as well. I think it really helped me focus on where I wanted to go.”

     And where she wanted to go was Pickaway-Ross Adult Education’s Practical Nursing program.

     Brooklynn said she was encouraged by Allied Health instructor Catherine McVicker to continue on the LPN path. 

     “I really thank her for helping me.”

     Upon completing high school in 2020, she immediately enrolled in the Adult Education program, completing that this year. She took and passed her boards a few weeks ago and was hired last week at Adena as an LPN. 

     Brooklynn, 19, will be working on a medical/surgical unit and there is a familiar face among her co-workers: Pickaway-Ross’ McVicker works on an as-needed basis in the same unit.

     “I am so proud of Brooklynn for what she accomplished,” McVicker said. “She was my student just a year-and-a-half ago and now we are peers on the unit.” 

     McVicker has been teaching the Allied Health program for five years. Brooklynn is her first student to become an LPN.