Jeff Hartmus calls himself “a full-service Pickaway-Ross individual.”

     In 1975, Jeff Hartmus was a student in the first class to complete a program at Pickaway-Ross. To some extent, he’s never really left: taking and teaching classes in Adult Education and, since 2004, serving on the career center’s board of education.

     “I wanted to give back to a place that gave me a lot,” said Jeff, who has been board vice president since 2005.

     Jeff, with board President Byron Lloyd, serves with 10 others to help with fiscal and policy decisions presented by Superintendent Jonathan Davis and Treasurer Todd Stahr, who is board secretary.

     “Schools are successful when they are led by individuals who have students’ best interests in mind,” Jonathan said.

     “Our board members bring their work experiences and passion for the community in making decisions that are good for our students, whether in the high school or our Adult Education programs.”

     Jeff said career-tech education provides a valuable opportunity for many.

     “There are many, many individuals who do quite well and make an excellent living who didn’t go to college. The world needs tradespeople. The world needs other educated people.”

     Several board members agree.

     “Coming to Pickaway-Ross gives students an additional opportunity to be successful and I believe we are obligated to give students as many opportunities to be as successful as possible,” said Jon Saxton, who joined the board in 2020 after a career in education.

     And Matt Kim, who joined the board in 2021, said his own experiences in military and trade service make him appreciate what Pickaway-Ross offers.

     “I feel there are so many kids who would benefit from technical training they can receive at Pickaway-Ross. I think it’s our job as teachers, administrators and board members to make sure they are aware of all of their options and opportunities to be successful with their careers and their lives.”

     Mike Throne, who leads the Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce, said he gets satisfaction from seeing students walk from the graduation line into a job at a business. 

     “They’re starting a career in a field they worked hard to gain skills in and that’s a great feeling,” said Mike, who joined the board in 2021.

     Other community members who serve on the board are Michelle Bowdle, Sue Hopkins, Tony Reeser, Todd Stevens, Greg Tipping and Andrew Vitatoe.

     “Our board is committed to providing resources for students who chose any pathway, whether it is immediately entering the workforce, college or the military,” Jonathan said. “I cannot thank this board enough for their guidance for me as superintendent and for their commitment to our students and staff members.”

Front row, from left, Byron Lloyd, Sue Hopkins, Michelle Bowdle and Jeff
Hartmus; back row, from left, Todd Stahr, Jonathan Davis, Andrew
Vitatoe, Mike Throne, Matt Kim, Jon Saxton, Greg Tipping and Todd
Stevens. Not pictured, Tony Reeser.