Adult Education students from the Maintenance and Welding programs collaborate during lab.

     Pickaway-Ross Adult Education lab instructors have years of experience in their fields. That experience is what makes them valu­able to our institution. They share their knowledge in those fields with our students to ensure they are successful in their future careers. 

     Maintenance instruc­tor Tim Smith and Welding instructor Kenny Cottrill recently com­bined their industry experience and their programs for a collaborative lesson. The Maintenance program covers a variety of trade skills that makes it a great program for collaboration with other Adult Education trades pro­grams. 

     For this particular lesson, students cross-trained on brazing, a soldering technique. They studied a variety of brazing and weld­ing techniques while learning what metals could be bonded together correctly. 

     The students enjoyed the cross-training because it allowed them to share knowledge and skills among themselves.

     Multiple programs in the skilled trades will begin in March. Go to for information.