Pickaway-Ross was proud to be a host site recently for the Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce’s B.I.G. class. 

     B.I.G. stands for business, industry and government and an annual cohort assembles to bring county leaders together to learn leadership skills, build local networks and tour locations throughout the area.  

     Jason Vesey, director of Secondary Education, is a member of the 2022 cohort. In addition to touring the career center’s campuses last month, B.I.G. participants have visited Adena Health System, Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce, InfoTech, Kenworth and the state Capitol. 

     As a strong provider for workforce needs, Pickaway-Ross was selected for class members to learn about programming, credentialing, work-based learning and other opportunities available to students here. Kim Graves and Allen Koker, job placement coordinators, provided the group with a brief presentation and then the group was given a tour of main campus and the RAMTEC lab.  

     Perhaps the greatest highlights of the tour were students the group met as they stopped in classrooms and labs. Several students were willing and able to discuss their programs, their plans for the future and the opportunities Pickaway-Ross students have in career-technical education. Many students were proud to discuss their participation in CTSO competitions and some of the community-service projects they have been involved in.  

     Jason said that several classmates told him how impressed they were by the students and the programs at Pickaway-Ross and how far the school has come in recent years.