A female student in a black thsirt and jeans sits in a chair in the cosmetology lab.
A student stands in front of a cot and mannequin  in a blue shirt and black pants. it is a female student  with reddish blonde hair.
A group of students and administrators pose for a photo with shovels in their hands.
A group of students in navy blue jackets stand in a group for a photo.
A group of male high school students  pose with a sign in front of a barn they built.
New Studets
A male student in a red hoodie sits in a chair that is attached to a flight simulator.
Students Take Part in Ohio Military Signing Day
Two students present to kids.
2 male students stand on either side of 3 women in army uniforms. The male students are wearing black hoodies and shirts.
Two men stand holding a plaque between them.
A female student stands against a wooden door holding up a blue, white and orange certificate.
A collage of 2 photos. One has 2 women in maroon scrubs with their hands on their hips and the other is a woman in maroon scrubs and a white jacket with her hands in her pockets.
Staff and officers  pose with donated cruisers.
A photo of the school sign with information about the OFCC grant funding.
Sisters Nikki and Kaitlyn pose for a photo during a bowling meet.
Students take turns sitting in a plane at the Pickaway County Airport.
Roxi Storts-Berio and Daniel Walters co-anchor PRCTC On Air, a weekly news program.
Ben Jones (left), works with student Caden Shoemaker of Leesburg on a practice pole during class. Caden said he heard about Pickaway-Ross’ Power Line program from friends and, like his instructor, wanted a job that will let him work outside and provide job security.
Zane Trace BPA members joined fellow BPA members for a bowl-a-thon charity event.